High Performance Adhesive Tape

Celebrating 35 Years in Business



AT 163 is a water and salt resistant coated cloth tape, ideal for use in marine applications. It has thermosetting adhesive which bakes onto surfaces above 110 deg C.
Service temperature is -50 deg C to 110 deg C.
The tape has a grey gloss finish which can be written on.



On Shore

For industries involved in working in extreme hot or cold climatic conditons, Ambassador Tapes has been providing high performance adhesive tapes for over 30 years. Bulldog, Million, Denso and...

Off Shore

For industries specialising in offshore actvities both above and below water Ambassador Tapes has been providing adhesive  tape and corrosion prevention resins for over 30 years.

Case Studies

The image shown is one of our customers using Million Tape in the Antarctic for combining cables for dragging seismic surveying equipment. The tape was stored in the region at...

Creative Arts

Our tapes are often used in creative arts particularly where water is involved. Million tape is an electrical tape for use in water but is a tape which is easily peelable without leaving a residue.